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We produce quality commercial furniture at affordable prices. All furniture that we produce meets modern standards and has the necessary certificates.

We carry out a full cycle of work - measurements, drawings, production, installation, service, warranty and post-warranty service.

In the production of furniture, we use modern and practical materials.

Our advantages are extensive experience in the production and installation of furniture, highly qualified specialists, the presence of our own production, a guarantee for all furniture.

We carefully approach each order and are able to produce custom-made furniture according to the brand book and in the corporate style of the company.

There are many large chain stores and pharmacies among our clients who value us for guaranteed quality and reliability.

We are focused on long-term cooperation, we value each client and our reputation.

Danis is a quality trade furniture at an affordable price.



Particleboard (Chipboard) or laminated chipboard (Chipboard) - is made by hot pressing wood particles with a binder. It is a widespread material and the cheapest possible option in furniture production. Advantages: low cost, availability, widespread use, versatility of post-processing (lamination, paper film, veneer, artificial stone and other decorative materials), ease of processing.


Fiberboard - made by dry pressing of fine wood chips at high pressure and temperature. It has all the advantages of natural wood at a much lower cost. It is an environmentally friendly product due to the low use of resins as a binder. Can be painted in any color. When painting, it makes it possible to achieve the effect of the solidity of the product (no joints are visible), lends itself to the most delicate processing (small figured parts, milling), multivariate post-processing (painting, varnishing, laminating, veneer, artificial stone and other decorative materials). Excellent aesthetic properties, long service life.

HPL plastic

High pressure plastic hpl - this material belongs to the group of hardly flammable (ignition temperature - about 400 degrees). Modern, environmentally friendly material. Plastic is resistant to moisture, chemical and thermal effects, has increased strength, and is resistant to scratches. Depending on the operating mode, the service life reaches 20 years.

The range of colors is very diverse: in a monochromatic and woody structure, the collection provides for the use of various textures - matte, glossy, structural. There are plastic imitating: stone, crumpled paper, abstract drawing and metallized coating.


Postforming is a technology for laminating chipboard or MDF boards. As a result, it is possible to obtain a super-strong material that is used for the manufacture of countertops and facades. Postforming consists of three layers: a base layer, a decorative plastic layer and a protective layer - acrylic, melamine resins. The design can be monochromatic, wood-like, natural stone-like. The protective layer protects against moisture penetration, so the post-formed worktop can be used in the kitchen.

Glass / mirror

Glass is one of the most demanded materials in various areas of furniture. Glass products are very durable, practical, have high resistance to external factors, high temperatures and high humidity. There are many types of glass and mirrors such as: sheet, tempered, frosted, colored, lacobel and others.

LED strip

LED strip - decorative lighting with LED strip is an integral part of any interesting and unique interior. Correctly selected light can decorate any room, add solidity, romance or home comfort to it. Each person is looking for the most comfortable environment in which he would feel calm and confident. A lot depends on the quality of the lighting, and you shouldn't forget about it. It helps to create a unique style, to place accents according to all the rules, to form positive emotions in a person.


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Certificate of Conformity ISO 9001

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